Feature film

ROAD DUSTER a.k.a J. KESSELS ( 2015)

J. Kessels is a Dutch ‘road comedy’ . The leading roles are played by Frank Lammers and Fedja van Huêt. The film has won several awards at international film festivals. The film was the opener for the 34th film festival in Utrecht on 1 October 2015.
Writer Frans and his favorite character J.Kessels go to the Hamburg Reeperbahn to return a philandering crook to his wife and to finally fulfill Frans’ pre-masturbatory sexual dreams.

According to dutch newspaper de Volkskrant: ” J. Kessels is too smart to be flat
J. Kessels is a self-conscious B-movie, made too smart to be flat, but just rancid enough. Few films have such grubby protagonists and such a twisted plot. Lammers and Van Huêt complement each other beautifully.”


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