Feature film

De President

Comedy. Cast a.o. Achmed Akkabi, Najib Amhali en Charlie Chan Dagelet, Ton Kas, Dirk Zeelenberg, Matthias Schoenaerts, Rosa Reuten en Frank Lammers.

The Netherlands, in the near future: parliamentary democracy and the royal house no longer exist. Somewhere behind a remote asparagus and strip club farm, a handful of illegal immigrants are plodding around the country. One of them is the Moroccan Joes, who came to our country with his overactive cousin Hamid, to earn money and pay back the damage Hamid has done at home in Morocco. The work is hard and the only bright spot in Joes’ life is his silent love for the Romanian Mila. When one day there is a raid by the aliens police, and a fire breaks out in the ensuing panic, Joes saves Mila’s life, but loses consciousness himself. When he wakes up Joes turns out to be a kind of National Hero. Presidential candidate Vlonder, who is behind in the polls, wants him as Running Mate. Joes doesn’t really feel like it, but Hamid, who doesn’t want to miss out on this chance for money and status, manages to persuade him. When Joes’ uninhibited statements also have a surprising effect on the voters, the pragmatic Vlonder bombards him as a presidential candidate. That turns out to be a golden move: they win surprisingly and Joes is president…but is he fit to be president?


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