First column in series THE OTHER VIEW, pieces about songs, compositions and filmstories.

About what is not said before or forgotten, slash not seen or heared..

The Lee Shore, CSNY

Dit is het eerste stukje als onderdeel van REISSUED SONGS, liedjes die door de critipi, die soms wel nergens verstand lijken te hebben, maar vooral die met dikke, modderige koeienlaarzen lompig over de betekenis van kunstuitingen heen walsen.Alsof ze niet luisteren, geen gevoel hebben voor thema, slechts gevoerd lijken te worden door een ego-driven verlangen met hun stukje te scoren, voor zichzelf. Dus nooit gaat het over de symboliek, metaforen, indexale verwijzingen, of over de geslepen harmonieen, de mega complexe mise en scenes , de diep gelaagde emotionele acteeruitingen. Veel mensen zit dit inmiddels dwars, critici dienen daarom ook van repliek gediend te worden. We beginnen met een vergeten song. The Lee Shore van CSNY,

This song of wonderful tenderness by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, this super connection band from the 70’s is a not reviewed and painfully forgotten song. It has wonderful harmonies and it drives the listener right into another world than the one he she or he is sitting in. It is filled with strong melancholy and senses. It comes in soft and tender, about simple natural things, easy tom forget, a sunset, a beach, some waves, about a story of the fishermen, about an island, somewhere not too far across the horizon, :

There’s another island eight days’ run away from here
And it’s empty and free

From here to Venezuela
There’s nothing more to see
Than a hundred thousand islands flung like jewels upon the sea
For you and me

Sunset smells of dinner
Women are calling at me to end my tales
But perhaps I’ll see you the next quiet place
I furl my sails

The song takes me, and hopefully you on a trip across a calm sea, a trip to a far away island where all is calm and quite.

Where one can be by herself, and where all might be better than the western, busy industrial world. So an old song, about something which drifts off further and further from us and especially our children. So let’s all get it together and give up our old ideas about oil and meat, and lets head it on, together, for the Lee Shore. Listen to this song and let it take you up and away and let’s move on to save this violated planet.

Once, I spotted a mermaid.