On an another night so blue we have to stare at the pale moon to have at least the sense of some companion, I came to dream back about these whisky nights, strong whisky, good whisky, weak women, old whisky, mackerel whisky and I remind the Bob Dylan radio hours about this special drink, with our always better without water. So first listen to Laura Cantrell’s song The Whisky Makes You Sweeter, and then remind that a nice stiff drink is the perfect companion for a solitary evening of melancholy reminiscing about all the love there already was in your lives. One was about the ten years old Irish Whisky Bushmills Malt so sweet it was one drinked on a highjtway in Belgium on the way to Le Cap Griz Nez, shared with some French dry sausage. Then that memory speeded across a night of rock and roll with a slender babe on Laprhoigh. And now it rest on a bargain of a bottle of Ardbeg. This friendly Islay rough and soft is fabricated on a desolate coast of the Scottish Island, where on should stare at the grey seas and listen to something completely different, like the raggamuffin songs played on filmsets off hours by the great Gaffer Bert Hoogenes. And further, the illegal stuff from a century ago made me blast off and brand new plans in my brain. Meanwhile there shoul’d be music too:So lets share the Bob Dylan Whiskey Hour Radio moments. All Together now!

DeWolff & Metropole Orkest